pp non woven fabric machine

key features of our
pp non woven fabric machine

  • Best Quality Product
  • International Standard Quality
  • Excellent Performance
  • Low Production Cost due to More Power Saving
  • High Production/Output
  • Less Labor
  • Most Reasonable Price
  • Also PP Non Wove Plant available in S, SS & SMS Model

Available Models

Sr no.
Model no.
Screw Size
Production per Day (24 Hrs.)
130 x 105
20 to 200
5 to 6 Tons
150 x 105
20 to 200
8 to 9 Tons
170 x 105
20 to 200
10 to 11 Tons

what is non woven fabric ?

According to ASTM D1117-80, non-woven fabric is defined as the fibrous assembly or film whose fibers have been bonded together by physical, chemical, or mechanical means or through the use of proper moisture or heat rather than by spinning, weaving, and braiding.

Non-woven fabric is a molded product with planar structure made by interweaving natural, chemical, and metal fibers according to their mutual characteristics to form a web in the shape of a sheet and bonding them together by mechanical or physical means.